Welcome to the Byron Bay Healthy Salt Company.


We’re a small, family business living in the beautiful shire of Byron Bay.  We love the taste of Himalayan Crystal Salt. When we discovered the amazing and long list of health and nutritional benefits that it contains, we felt compelled to share this awareness with our family and friends.  Most people like adding a bit of salt to their food so we thought they should know that there is such a thing as a “healthy salt.” It became our mission to bring about awareness that there is a healthy salt available to us all and that common table salt varieties should be avoided.

Salt has a bad image. It’s commonly known to be harmful to your health. It’s the common table salt that’s used in many processed foods that we eat that’s responsible for this stigma.  Good salt is vital for life and is a daily requirement for your health and wellbeing.  Mother Nature has provided us with a pure and natural healthy salt:  Himalayan Crystal Salt. It’s this knowledge that we would like to share with you:  that there IS a healthy alternative available to enjoy.

For some time now, we’ve been using Australia’s own native herbs & spices with the Himalayan Crystal Salt in our cooking. The Australian aborigines have used these incredible herbs & spices for hundreds of years. Native herbs and spice possess many amazing health benefits, as well as having unique, natural bush flavors and wonderfully pungent aromas. We thought “what a great combination they would make when blended together as a seasoning” -we were inspired to create some healthy and interesting salt shakes for you to enjoy!

These days, most herb salts and seasonings are highly-processed with chemical additives, such as MSG, preservatives, anti-caking agents and fillers.  It’s our passion and intention to bring you the most pure and healthy products to enjoy and enhance your food and your life, the natural way.  Salt and spices. Pure & natural. The way Mother Earth intended!

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