Welcome to the Byron Bay Healthy Salt Company.

Sometimes a traumatic event can be a blessing in disguise. This was the case for me when I sustained significant spinal injuries while snowboarding, an activity I love, but which would ultimately set me back for an unforseen amount of time.

I was advised to try a few different magnesium products in order to relax my muscles and prevent cramps, which can be quite debilitating. The magnesium also greatly helped my ligaments, tendons, tissue etc which were also significantly impacted due to the accident.

The magnesium helped immensely in the healing process, so I decided to start researching different types of magnesium and mineral salts, and the different benefits they provide. It became quite clear that there were multiple advantages to using magnesium and salts, so much so that I decided to make my own bath salts and magnesium products – and that’s how Byron Bay Healthy Salt Company was born.

The human body needs salt to survive. Without it, the body loses its capability to relax and contract muscles, transmit nerve impulses, and maintain the fluid equilibrium – and Himalayan Crystal Salt is a fantastic source of trace elements already found in the human body – in fact, there are 84 of these trace elements and minerals in Himalayan Crystal Salt! Some of these elements include calcium, potassium, sodium chloride and of course, magnesium. Maintaining the levels of these elements is essential for one’s health and wellbeing, and this is why we use Himalayan Salt in our products – because of these incredible benefits we can source naturally!

We wanted to share our awareness and knowledge with everyone, so that they too can benefit from the incredible advantages of natural Mineral salts. They are great for your body, mind, and soul – and all natural, just the way nature intended.

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